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Written by a private patient
17th February 2021

Dr De Siva-Minor was recommended to me by my surgeon and I am have to say it was a perfect one. She was fabulous at explaining my treatment and listening to my concerns even though the majority of my appointments have been by telephone rather than face to face due to the pandemic. I had an issue with the proposed radiotherapy treatment with the MDT not agreeing about the areas to be treated - Dr De Silva fought my corner to the last and I finally received the treatment she and I had decided was optimum for me. The only thing against the service was the quality of the administrative support received which was not very responsive to messages (no receipt acknowledged usually) and even then, many responses showed that the messages were not being read properly and I ended up having to repeat myself several times. However, this does not detract from the fantastic patient care delivered by Shiroma. I am now entering the follow up stages, after receiving both chemotherapy and radiotherapy under her care and feel confident that she will continue to offer the same superb services not only to me, but to all of her patients.

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