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29th June 2016
Written by a patient at Apex Medical Centre

I trust her with my life, literally, an example of this is..I broke my lower leg in two places I had to stay in hospital for 11 days for an operation and everything seemed to be ok with the exception that I contracted an infection on the lower wound where they had put metal work in the problem was that after a course of strong antibiotics the infection wasn't going away at all I rang her and spoke to her personally and she popped around my house after surgery and I could not believe this of doctors of todays breed doing such a thing. She had a look at my leg and said yes it's very infected and i will pop in again tomorrow during my lunch break!! (I couldn't believe what i had just heard) I will send you to the hospital for an x-ray to make sure that you haven't got a bone infection. Which she did and thank God that there is no bone infection showing but she called back and told me the results and said that I am going to put you on another course of antibiotics which are much stronger and that was two days ago. The point that I'm trying to make is she is like Drs used to be, even though she is, perhaps, only in her late 20yrs old To use an old expression she goes above and beyond the Call of Duty she always listens she never writes a prescription out as one is going through the door she takes her time with you even though Doctors are only meant to give patients 10 minutes but you know when you go to see her nine times out of ten you are going to be late in purely because she is listening two patients so one doesn't mind being 15 minutes late also and I have spent without another appointment 35 minutes talking to her about my problems which are many and serious she is a lovely Dr Who I would crawl on Broken Glass to help her!! I recommend her for gentleman but I cannot recommend her for women because I'm single and I don't know any women who have been in to see her but as regards to men she is excellent.

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