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Written by a carer
11th August 2018

I came before 5 years , my son was 3 years and a halve and was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder by Dr Puri and her team. My problem with her that she was not honest with us about the severity of his disorder, she did not explain to us that he is sever case and needs to join a special school for autism. she said that he would be fine in mainstream school with one to one support. we were happy as we thought he is mild case and doesn't need special school for autism. However, when he started the school, he run away from the school and he was about to be lost and hit by the cars as his learning supporter was careless and thought he is aware of the dangerous of the cars. the school thankfully brought new supporter which was away better but she was struggling to discipline my son as she is not professional. we did not notice a real improvement in his leaning abilities and we kept telling Dr Puri that but she used not to raise our expectations regarding his learning abilities inspite that we told her that he is very clever boy. After 2 years of continuous disappointing and struggle in the main stream school, she said that my son might need special school for autism and recommended us a school close to our house. when we called the special school, they said they have a long waiting list. Therefore, I was very upset that Dr Puri did not advise us from the first time of the diagnosis to put my son in the waiting list of special school . we moved to Manchester after 3 years and the special needs team of the council when looked at his report, they put him in special school for autism to meet his needs and really within few months we noticed a good improvement in his learning abilities. I would recommend Dr Puri to not underestimate the autistic kids and to do her best to put them in special school during the early years of learning so as to obtain a good behavioural and speech therapy provided by professional people. then the kids can be moved to mainstream school when they are ready to receive school education.

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