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Written by a private patient
27th April 2021

Five years ago, next month, Mr Krishnan replaced my right hip joint - I was suffering from severe arthritis. It was funded by the NHS and done in Wycombe hospital. It was transformative and I was able to go back to playing football with my grand children. At the time Mr Krishnan told me the other hip would need doing and he said "I'll see you within five years". Sure enough, by 2019 I became aware of deterioration and discomfort in the left hip. By the end of 2020 it was severe. given how good the first procedure had been. I contacted Mr Krishnan at the beginning of this year and arranged for the necessary surgical procedure to be done at the BMI Chiltern in March. The whole process was brilliant and transformative. Its still only 6 weeks ago, but I am very satisfied. Mr Krishnan is in my view a great surgeon; he listens and explains everything, nothing is too much trouble.

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