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Written by a carer
13th October 2019

We took our boys to see Dr Wariyar today at Guildford. He was simply amazing, and really helped us holistically think about how we bring up our children, how to support our more vulnerable/sensitive child with difficulties, and generally giving us sound and specific advice and tools to help us along the way. He understood both children immediately. We ran over the allotted time during the visit, but this was not a problem for him at all as was keen to ensure he had heard all we needed to say. I would thoroughly recommend him and I am extremely grateful he took us on as clients (due to our previous paediatrician now being unwell). He has clearly done this to help his colleague and of course the children and parents who very much need this guidance and support. Clearly he already had a full workload and therefore runs this clinic on a Sunday, bless him. Thank you so very much, so grateful. Jennifer

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