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Dr Janey Merron, Private and NHS General Practitioner
MBChB, MRCGP, DRCOG,Dip.Med.Ed. GMC 4503868

I undertook my undergraduate medical training at the University of Birmingham, graduating in 1998, I went on to spend 5 years training as a junior doctor to become a GP taking residencies in a variety of specialties including Medicine, Surgery, Emergency Medicine, Gynaecology, Paediatrics and Psychiatry. On attaining my certificate to practice as a GP, I became a GP principal in a busy practice in Birmingham, relocating in 2009 to North Staffordshire where I have practiced as an NHS GP since.
In addition to my general practice work, I am also a GP Trainer, a Training Programme Director for General Practice in North Staffordshire, a GP Appraiser, the Named GP for Child Safeguarding for North Staffordshire and Stoke on Trent and I have undertaken additional training in Aesthetic medicine and currently provide treatments to address the signs of aging, such as Dermal Fillers and Wrinkle Smoothing Injections. I am also a certified prescriber for a range of prescription skin care – Obagi Medical Nuderm system,acne and rosacea treatments and skin peels.
I consider myself to be a primary care physician and pride myself on taking a holistic approach to patient care, involving my patients in their own management decisions and using evidence based medicine as the central ethos of all my consultations.
I was motivated to practice as a private GP as I have become increasingly frustrated by the cost cutting measures put in place by the NHS. Many patients wait at least 3 weeks for a GP appointment and when offered an appointment it is not at a time which is convenient to a person with a busy life and commitments. My vision is to be able to provide patients with a quick and easily accessible primary care service offering the best possible treatment at a time which is convenient to them and to provide them with a longer appointment to discuss symptoms ,undertake a comprehensive medical examination and formulate a treatment plan which will enable my patient to recover quickly.
Private consultations are available at the North Staffordshire Hospital ( Nuffield Health). Bookings can be made directly by emailing Customerservice.enq@nuffieldhealth.com
Or by calling 01782 382 507
I believe that my patients deserve a full 30 minutes of my attention so that I can fully explore symptoms, offer a comprehensive examine examination and arrange a full diagnostic and management pathway in collaboration with my patient. I am fortunate to know all the local specialists and their fields of expertise and am in a position to know whom I can refer on if a specialist is needed and can make that referral privately or write to your GP advising an NHS referral if a patient prefers.

What the service will cover
You will have 30 minutes with the Dr Merron which allows time for you to discuss your concerns and symptoms without feeling rushed. It will also enable Dr Merron to gather the information She needs including details of your previous medical history together with any relevant lifestyle or family issues. At the end of your appointment you will receive an outcome letter which will confirm the details of your appointment including any diagnosis and recommended next steps.
In addition to the consultation with the Dr Merron, your appointment will also include where appropriate; writing a private prescription or , providing a referral to a Consultant, recommending and referring you for scans or x-rays, undertaking lab investigations such as blood tests and highlighting what other tests you may need. You will be provided with an outcome letter detailing all of this, together with a copy to share with your NHS GP.
Any further investigations which you may require during or after your appointment, such as blood tests, scans, ECGs etc are not included in the cost of your appointment. Before any such tests are completed Dr Merron will discuss with you why she thinks these tests should be carried out and the costs associated with them.

What to bring to your appointment
It would be helpful if you could bring a list of any prescribed medications and supplements you currently take and also any drug allergies.
If you have any results or letters from specialists that you wish to discuss then please feel free to bring these with you.

Your consultation with me will be completely confidential. Notes are stored securely and you will receive a summary of your consultation by email or post which you can send to your GP. As per GMC best practice and GDPR, your information will not be shared with anyone without your consent unless you tell me something which could pose serious risk to others, in which case I will be legally accountable to share this information. If I believe this to be the case I will discuss this with you and seek consent prior to sharing information.

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