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Written by a patient
6th February 2020

I went to see Dr Aseri after asking for a referral to someone to help with chronic pain from my coccyx area. I’d had the pain for over 2 years and suffered from extreme pain every day. I had broken my coccyx 10 years prior which had healed but the pain had reignited 2 years ago. Having seen a number of GP’s and also several people in the NHS all of which could not offer a solution and simply advised it was just a case of managing the pain with no diagnosis. After seeing Dr Salmin Aseri he referred me immediately for an MRI scan, which diagnosed a non union fracture of my coccyx. Dr Aseri advised I would need an injection into the area called a Ganglion Impar Block. This was all carried out at the Spire Manchester Hospital. Approximately 10 days later I was completely free of pain! I’m absolutely amazed and so shocked! I’m incredibly grateful and couldn’t recommend Dr Aseri enough.

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