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Written by a patient
15th April 2019

Saw Dr Aseri at my first pain clinic appointment he listened to me, gave me time I never felt rushed and gave me options. I agreed to be admitted as a day case to have various injections into my lower spine at St Helens hospital were I found staff were excellent and attentive to patients needs, Dr Aseri and his registrar came to see me and explained everything to me which was going to happen during the procedure, again he listened and was very thorough. I was a nervous patient but I found both himself and his colleagues to be extremely caring, compassionate and understanding. I had the procedure only today and I would like to thank him for his excellent care. Thankyou

16th April 2019
Response from Dr Salmin Aseri

Thank you for taking the time to write a thoughtful review. I am so glad that you had a pleasant experience at our Hospital.

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