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15th August 2017
Written by a carer at Stoke Mandeville Hospital

1.Does not do her research on lymphoma staging and sjogren's disease 2. she seriously needs to think about contacting the BSSA charity who will immediately advise her that a lip biopsy does NOT determine a diagnosis in thousands if not millions of people, perhaps then, she will begin to grasp the concept 3. be aware or learn to accept there are other tests for SS, she needs to know that a blood test does not always account for other factors, it doesn't matter how long she has worked in rheumatology it doesn't mean she's right, making assumptions, getting uptight about a patient questioning her very vague ''opinion'' especially since the patient records were clearly not read through enough to understand further investigations, scans, tests need to be carried out, sjogren's develops over a very long time in someone's life it might be too early to detect a lack of saliva affecting the mouth but the patient has other agonising and prolonged symptoms that seriously affect their quality of life.. Rheumatoid arthritis must not be ruled out either, is she completely dismissing the fact that someone can have ''arthralgia'' which still has implications and is a PRECURSOR to arthritis. She then dangerously dismisses the fact that the patient has a family history if the issue while in front of a junior doctor in the room. Aside from the above, to sum up her attitude towards a patient, she's so utterly arrogant in her line of work and ignorant to say the least, to be completely honest I wouldn't recommend her unless you want to be insulted and not receive the treatment you're entitled to. As i've experienced her ignorance I feel she is unsafe to work at these clinics and her qualifications are meaningless, she rudely speaks over the patient and hurries them out the door. She moves about from one trust to another and has no staying power or commitment to her CV. TBA To be avoided.

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