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Written by a patient
6th October 2020

I have been under the care, treatment and assessment of Dr Sally Cubbin since the middle of August 2020 and am a 51 year old woman on a journey of discovery, assessment and treatment of ADHD. From my very first communication with Dr Cubbin and her team at the ADHD clinic I felt completely looked after in extremely safe hands. Dr Cubbin has compassion and understanding and a highly competent ability to effectively assess and treat adult ADHD. As the awareness and effective management of ADHD is one of the best kept secrets I feel blessed to have Dr Cubbin as my consultant and helping me to make complete sense of my ADHD. The assessment report that she provided was a true reflection of me and with such an unseen and complex condition, this was incredibly useful and validating, giving me many of the answers I had been looking for. As a result of my ADHD journey with Dr Cubbin I now confident, educated, fully informed, diagnosed, treated and continue to be under her safe and secure care. I cannot recommend Dr Sally Cubbin and her team enough and I am truly grateful for her help in changing my life.

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