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Written by a NHS patient
25th February 2022

I would like to take this opportunity to tell you what a pleasant experience it has been to have my cancer treatment dealt with by Dr Burcombe. This man is a true professional, but mixed with a very human side in dealing with people, at a time when the patient is , I am sure extremely worried and stressed about what is happening to them. He has never been phased by any and all of the awkward situations that he has experienced from myself, or indeed my wife ( retired Liver Transplant nurse, Kings College). He has always been relaxed in front of me, which is very reassuring at those delicate moments, but still maintaining his stature. I can qualify these comments by the amount of professionals that I have dealt with my whole career, (specialist Dental Technician working for teaching hospitals within greater London). All in all a very experienced consultant and a very nice man to be treated by. Yours truly Geoffrey A Blyth

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