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Written by a private patient
1st February 2021

I first consulted Dr Roberts in February 2020 to ask if he would arrange a 14-day continuous ECG monitor (Ziopatch) to check on my occasional atrial fibrillation. I was so impressed at the way he handled this request that I asked if he would be my consultant on cardiac issues. In the last year he organised a CT coronary angiogram which revealed some degree of narrowing in my cardiac arteries, of which I was completely unaware. He organised further specialist tests, including one in the US, which showed that my artery walls were very flexible and the narrowing did not present a significant impediment to arterial flow. He also recommended a course of ECP, a non-invasive approach to improving the quality of my arterial endothelial lining which has been widely shown to improve cardiac efficiency. Dr Roberts has an interesting range of qualities, which have more than justified my request that he look after my cardiac issues. He has an impressive knowledge of cardiac treatments and the latest research in both the UK and the US. He is very efficient in assessing and organising the required treatments, and providing detailed follow up and reporting to me. Equally important, his “bedside manner” is all you could ask for - very patiently and clearly listening to and communicating with the patient. As a result of my experience in the past year my wife is also now a patient, and is very pleased with the reassuring tests he organised for her.

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