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19th February 2016
Written by a patient at The Glebeland Surgery

Dr Krick is completely incompetent and a dangerous Doctor. He also has terrible listening skills. Had I have taken a medication prescribed by him ('Propanol' beta-blockers, of which he prescribed to me against my will, to gain his incentive package off the pharmaceuticals company who produce it, at the end of the year, as I specifically informed him that I did not want to change medication, due to the very real possibility of an allergic reaction from any new medications, due to me having M.E and not wanting (potentially) a whole array of new symptoms whilst adapting to a new medication).If I had taken just one, It could have been fatal, as I am moderately asthmatic. This is basic knowledge that is assumed that G.P's are aware of. He was adamant that I had the prescription, for the reasons that I mentioned above. Without my consent or request, he printed a prescription. I quite obviously did not take any of the medication, as I was fully aware of the severe interaction with beet-blockers and asthmatics, and I am neither a Doctor or Consultant. He is completely unaware of this interaction! As I always felt very rushed in his practice, he did not give me ANY opportunity to refuse the prescription let alone to mention that if I took just one, I could die!!! Obviously, I would not be taking ANY of the tablets! How many other patients medications and health interactions does he not check?! He lacks basic medical knowledge and does not keep up to date with the W.H.O's (World Health Organisation) catorgorizations. He also failed to recognise or act on my friends severe heart problems and symptoms and brushed/laughed him/them off!!! As a direct result of his incompetency and complete lack of care, my friend so very sadly had a heart attack and had to drive himself to hospital and had to undergo a very painful urgent quadruple heart bypass open heart surgery!!! He also failed to diagnose or refer me to the correct Consultants/Doctors/specialists who could diagnose my M.E (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis), two and a half years into suffering from the disease, and F.M (Fibromyalgia). He still (stupidly and incorrectly) refers to M.E as 'Post Viral Syndrome', of which it was not, it was M.E. When I went to his practice to inform him that I was experiencing frightening heart arrhythmias (which had he researched/did his job correctly, he would've been aware that heart Arrythmias are completely in-line with M.E and its vast array of symptoms andis common with M.E, and that I needed heart tests) he laughed at me and said that they will be palpitations, not arrythmias! I informed him that I was suffering from palpitations and heart arrymias and that I was aware of the difference between the two and that both were in-line with M.E, yet he was completely unaware and rude by laughing. He said that they will be palpitations, without doing any tests or checks! A Doctor has since diagnosed my heart arrhythmias and palpitations, and confirmed that they are common in M.E patients, as I tried to inform Krick whilst in his practice. Krick also stupidly and very uncaringly referred me to a sports physiotherapist to diagnose Fibromyalgia! That was after he had previously completely mis-diagnosed my symptoms as a double hernia ,when it was Fibromyalgia all along!! Since finding another G.P, I swiftly had a diagnosis of quite severe M.E and F.M, after being referred to the correct Doctors and Consultants. I have contacted the board above him with all the above information, so that others do not suffer at his hands or even die as a result of his severe incompetence, as my friend nearly did.

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