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Written by a patient
25th March 2015

I was admitted to Glenfield Hospital on the 19th march for a pulmonary vein ablation under the care of Dr Stafford , Unfortunately DR Stafford was of sick therefore my procedure was carried out by Dr Riyaz Somani. When he introduced himself saying he was going to do the procedure I was a little shocked he looked so young I thought he was the House officer!!! I asked him if he was competent and how many ablations he had carried out .However my worries were unfounded , I found him to be very caring answering many of my questions and putting me at ease as best he could as I was very apprehensive. Following my 6hr procedure under general anaesthetic not feeling too well on return to the ward he came to visit me on several occasions showing concern for my welfare, and on discharge he said any problems please contact him via ring back. Hopefully my problem will be resolved but will not been known for at least 3 months. Whatever the outcome he has shown to be a very caring and approachable Consultant.

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