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Written by a private patient
10th April 2021

Contacted Dr Fry in order to get an ASD assessment for my daughter. We already had 2 reports and we were going through NHS diagnosis, however due to EHCP application and secondary school coming up we were keen to get a diagnosis through ASAP. Dr Fry said he would trial a video assessment (couldn't do face to face due to covid) which he hadn't done before. Communication was sporadic, many times no replies. The reports we already had were sent to Dr Fry. Video assessment was inconclusive, Dr Fry advised we needed a face to face and referred us to someone who cold do this. He wrote up a report very similar to the two we already had. We then got invoiced for the full amount, despite him being unable to actually assess out daughter.

4th October 2021
Response from Dr Richard Fry

We are uncertain about this review - no one else has had problems contacting us. We explained very clearly in writing what I could offer before the first appointment and that if an ADOS-2 was required it is my normal (and NICE compliant) practice to ask an Associate to do this in addition, not me, to ensure an MDT approach to diagnosis. No previous consultation had involved a Psychiatrist. Video consults are now routine and work well for most things with high satisfaction rates but were starting then. All costs were fully explained and adhered to. A full 4 page report was supplied. The patient has declined to pay. We suggest you may like to look at out website for other reviews of our service as well as here.

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