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17th December 2014
Written by a patient at Southville Surgery

I was in touch with this stand-by doctor on 3 occasions. The first meeting, I gave the benefit of the doubt. My dad was very ill and he got really frustrated with Dr Menon. She did not listen to anything what my dad said. She kept over talking and keeps trying to butt in when I was explaining the situation to my dad (Who had partial deafness at the time). When he requested hayfever tablets, Dr Menon wasn't very keen on prescribing them! My dad tried a lot of the others but none of them were cutting it. The second time was meeting up with her for the same long-term illness that my father has on going. I was explaining to my dad again and then she kept on trying to interfere with my explanation! I got frustrated this time around, a long with my dad (understandably). I just talked over her as I managed to keep my cool from her trying to butt in and being patronising. The third and final encounter with Dr Menon was by telephone consultation. Even though my dad wasn't present, she still managed to over-talk when I was still in the middle of explanation! I was poorly at the time as well so I woke up when she called me back. I was very angry when she didn't allow me to finish with my situation. At this point, Dr Menon even had the cheek to say phone the specialists nurse at the BRI to see what they can do! I waited for a couple of hours later to try and book another doctor's consultation. The receptionist was very understanding and she even said why I wasn't given an appointment on the same day! The receptionist booked me an appointment on the day whereas Dr Menon pretty much refused an appointment, passing on the situation and let someone else do it! The receptionist did try and book an appointment with Dr Menon but I didn't want an appointment with her! Luckily, it was the first time I had an appointment with Dr Wright and I have never looked back ever since (From the past appointments with Dr Wright, of course). Anyone else who had to deal with Dr Menon, you have been warned! A patronising, arrogant and over-talking doctor!

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