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Written by a private patient
23rd September 2023

Dr. P Govindaraj was absolutely fantastic from start to finish. He arrived at the appointment already fully aware of my daughters difficult birth, medical history etc He took the time to take note of every single one of my worries across two sheets of a4 paper. He then proceeded to address them and ‘tick them off’ one by one. He took my concerns seriously and understood where my anxieties and worries came from. He answered every single question I had for him and throughly checked my baby over as I felt that we had been rushed out of hospital following her birth. I left the appointment feeling at ease and I felt that nothing was too much trouble for him. We were not rushed at all during our appointment. He also took the time to send me more information via email about my child’s allergies which I had not been provided by NHS staff. I would 100% recommend seeing this Doctor.