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Written by a patient
20th February 2019

Dr Blaxter, This doctor is the worst one I have come across. Rude, abrupt, doesn’t listen to you at all. She made me feel like a little child with the headmistress. When I was trying to explain to her, she was dismissing my sentences with rude ‘mmm’ answers. I wasn’t comfortable with her at all, I have an ongoing health problem and I haven’t been back to her since. I am looking for another doctor. She raised her voice at me to tell me that a fit note is a legal document, yes I know. Treating me like I just can’t be bothered to go to work. I have a physical job and I’ve got a bulging disc and a trapped nerve. It’s a very upsetting time for me as it is, stressful also. I don’t appreciate the abrupt way you are summonsed from the waiting room, ‘JULIAN ....’ my name is Julieanne not JULIAN. Even my husband noticed how very rude and abrupt she was. I have had to put my health care on hold now because she did my anxiety no good at all. I am looking for another doctor and I will never ever go back there again. I tried to tell the receptionist after my appointment, but I was told ‘that is what she is like’. Not very professional at all. You need to teach your doctor some courtesy and respect!

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