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Written by a patient
29th May 2020

Poor service. Wrote to ask if Dr Lim could provide a second opinion on three specific areas. Waited three days - no response. Called his private secretary. No response. Emailed his private secretary to find out whether Dr Lim would give said second opinion and received a reply email saying I could have a consultation, but no confirmation he could give the second opinion based on the criteria requested. Why pay £300 for a consultation to be potentially told in the first minute he can't (or won't) help. That's not good patient service.

10th June 2020
Response from Dr Phang Boon Lim

I am terribly sorry to have let you down, by not responding prior to your request for a consultation. Due to the current busy period with planning for post-covid era of service delivery, it has been more difficult that usual to manage clinic time, and address emails in timely manner, with the focus on generating a safe and effective alternative to usual streams of work within the NHS. My most sincere apologies again and I do hope that you have found an answer to your questions elsewhere. Best wishes. BL

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