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Written by a patient
3rd August 2020

I have suffered with what was termed as anxiety and a fast heart rate for years. I have seen countless cardiologists before Dr Boon Lim but no one really got to the bottom of it. Dr Boon Lim quickly ascertained that I was likely suffering with a fast heart and anxiety because of blood pooling in my legs and the resulting activation of my nervous system. He explained everything very carefully to me and gave me specific advice to help mitigate the effects. Dr Boon Lim is a very caring and supportive Dr and since receiving his reassurance and putting into practice his advice, I have felt so much better. Dr Lim is extremely knowledgeable and uses very up to date testing methods, such as the zip patch 14 day heart monitor. This allowed Dr Lim to confirm that I did not have any other heart rhythm disturbance. I really can not recommend him highly enough and my experience has been life changing.

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