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Written by a patient
13th June 2018

I have visited the Derby Medical Centre a number of times over the past few months since the birth of my first son. I have been dealing with experiences as a new mother and have had appointments with Dr Deveson for my son and myself. I have always found him to be genuine and interested in my concerns, he actively listens and discusses his suggestions. I always leave the appointments feeling better than when I went in, confident in whatever course of action we have decided upon. He gives the impression that he cares and hopes to make a difference, I never feel rushed out the door. It is genuinely the first time that I have visited a doctor that I would specifically choose to make an appointment with, usually I don’t care which doctor I see. It is the first time that I have realised how important trust is between a doctor and a patient and I am really appreciative of this. Thank you.

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