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10th September 2016
Written by a carer at The Royal London Hospital

My daughter only had a short time with this doctor but in that period he evidenced more genuine compassion and desire to help than all the other psychiatrists she had seen put together including one who was apparently an 'expert' in her condition. Sadly he wasn't able to save her life, but it is a small comfort to know that there are pschiatrists out there who put the patient's best interest ahead of their own desire for power, careers or God like image. The psychiatry profession is a dodgy one, and seems to encourage those who want to be academics more than doctors and have no other resources than their own pompous theories or research, or a heavy reliance on drugs, to enable them to care for others. A contradiction in terms! We are still in the dark ages in terms of treating mental health. The scandal of our age. T his is a field which demands the highest levels of courage, compassion and initiative, but it attracts those with the very opposite traits. At least with this doctor you would feel listened to and supported and understand that he would do all he could for the patient,rather than himself

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