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Written by a patient
21st February 2020

I was referred to this doctor in 2017 after a distal tibia stress fracture but was told via his nurse that he said my stress fracture was bad luck. I did not even see him. In 2018, after a further 3 stress fractures I was referred by my rheumatologist for a DEXA scan. I was told I was not osteoporotic. After another stress fracture (5 in total) in 2019 I was refused another DEXA scan by this person. After a private DEXA I was told that I was osteoporotic. I then saw another NHS metrabolic bone consultant and was told that from 2016 to 2018 the NHS scans showed thatI had had 20% loss of bone density in my hip and I needed treatment. Why did Dr Ryan analyse my scans correctly. I found him arrogant and not willing to listen to any concerns that a patient may have. I would never willingly see him again.

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