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Dr Jackson has been a sports medicine specialist for over 25 years and provides medical care for elite international athletes and teams and those involved in recreational exercise and sport. The knowledge and skills employed to diagnose and manage elite professionals in sport can be transferred to treat anyone in the exercising population to return them to their chosen sport or activity as quickly as possible. Dr Jackson is particularly interested in seeing patients where the exact diagnosis is unclear or the underlying cause for recurrent injuries is not understood. Paul works with a wide variety of international teams and GB Olympic teams and is currently the President of the Faculty of Sport & Exercise Medicine (UK) and is the Deputy National Medical Director at the English Institute of Sport. Paul works with Olympic athletes from over 20 different sports and sits on the International Governing Body Medical Committees for Bobsleigh & Skeleton, and for Modern Pentathlon. During his time in practice he has developed a network of excellent physiotherapists who can deliver progressive exercised based treatment.

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