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Written by a patient
19th April 2017

Prior to seeing Dr Ramanuj I didn't really understand the role he would play in my treatment,nor did I understand how complex my pain issues were in regards to the relationship between mental and physical pain. His style of communication is honest clear and informed , he repeated points to me that confirmed that he was listening and understanding my concerns and explained things in a fashion that was clear for me to understand. He has given me faith that seeing him is the start of a fantastic opportunity to understand and manage my pain better. I would highly recommend him , he is very educated in his field and his communication skills so clear you will leave your first meeting with an excellent understanding of what, how and where he would like the direction of your treatment to go . On a professional level other doctors could learn from his communication skills as there are very few appointments I come away from a)feeling like I have been heard and understood and b) feeling educated about what and why things are happening . Also he is incredibly respectful about disclosing information and why it's done . He shows a real care and genuine passion for his patients and his role .

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1 2 3 4 5
1 2 3 4 5