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Written by a carer
5th February 2020

I cannot recommend Dr Narayan enough. My 18 month old son had a constant cough for nearly 10 months and any illness went straight to his chest. After taking him to the GP over 10 times and him being treated for suspected reflux, Toby ended up in hospital with Pneumonia for 4 days over Christmas and so we decided to get specialist help. Within 10 minutes Omi had identified that Toby’s air intake was less on one side - an hour and a chest X-ray later we left with a diagnosis for a rare but completely treatable and curable chest infection. Unfortunately the first lot of antibiotics didn’t agree with Toby but Omi responded to my emails promptly (and he was on holiday at this time!!) and organised another prescription which has worked. 3 weeks after visiting Dr Narayan for the 1st time, Toby has now been signed off and is not coughing, not on any medication and not using an inhaler. In addition to sorting out my child’s illness, Omi also put my mind at rest with every piece of communication I had with him, email or in person. He is thorough and I never once questioned his approach or advice. Thank you so much!!

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1 2 3 4 5
1 2 3 4 5