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Written by a carer
29th October 2019

Omi Narayan was recommended to us by a friend as the best specialist to see for our sons breathing issues which resulted in him being in ITC for 2 weeks and I’m so pleased we took this advise. Omi has been first class since our first appointment. He has a great style which is welcoming and friendly. Clearly he is very knowledge and that shows in a very humble and approachable style. What I love is how he explains everything in a non medial way so my son and I really understand what’s going on and what Omi’s thoughts on the issue are. Whilst on holiday my son had another chest infection and Omi was there on the phone within the day to help guide through what to do and saw us on our first day back. Overall he has been amazing for our son and I can’t thank Omi enough. He’s always smiling and happy which settles any nerves patients may have very quickly and his knowledge and confident on his area is also very reassuring. I can’t recommend Omi high enough! If I could give 6 stars I would! Neel Shah

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