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Written by a carer
1st October 2018

Having read several other reviews of Dr Naqvi, it seems she is consistantly excellent, which is our experience over several years. Nitha has been an amazing 'all-rounder' as we have visited with our son. He is a talented sportsman. He plays sport to a high level for his age and has sporting aspirations. Dr Naqvi has understood him very well and our journey as a family and explained clearly but carefully the facts, the risks and the encouragements. She has engaged with our son appropriately and understood the devastating news regarding risk that she needed to give him. She made extra appointments for us as a family to ensure we had support and also asked for further investigations to ensure we all had a full understanding. In explaining the risks of playing Rugby to us as a family, she used appropriate information for my husband, a 'numbers' man, to explain the situation. Inspired! That communication helped us all as a family have the same understanding so we could move on. Today we have said goodbye to Dr Naqvi as our son is almost 16 and will be referred to adult clinics. He is still playing sport at a high level - just not Rugby. Weve made our peace with that. On parting, this kind and intuitive Doctor spoke directly to my son the words of affirmation and encouragement that made is chest swell with pride and his face light up. Upon leaving he said "She really understood me!" That alone is an amazing gift to be given; a doctor who treats you as a person not a condition and understands you and your families journey. We'll miss visiting her! :)

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