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Written by a private patient
10th December 2022

Dr Arujuna is a wonderful clinician who provided the highest level of care. to me. She is highly professional, patient and genuinely has a patients best interests at heart. She has a wonderful caring manner that put me at ease and I felt listened to. I have often felt that the Psoriasis I have had for more than 35 years has just been something there is no cure for, but I felt Dr Arujuna genuinely wanted to follow up and make sure that it is managed more effectively through trying different interventions. She also did an exemplary job of excising a suspicious mole and made the experience less scary. She provided lots of valuable information post excision which has given me faith that I can catch any suspicious moles early too. She was also able to refer me on to another wonderful and professional doctor at the clinic for follow up of another issue. I have total faith and trust in Dr Arujuna and would not see another Dermatologist now. She treated me holistically which I am very grateful for. Her care lifted my spirits and I feel mentally and physically better.

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