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Written by a patient
22nd March 2017

I had an appointment with Dr Nicola Burch in October 2016 after having problems getting diagnosis from my GP, she listened to all my problems and ordered a full set of tests, blood, faeces sample, colonoscopy. I ended up having a Pylori infection and she prescribed the meds for my GP to issue, also she diagnosed an under-active thyroid which explained why I constantly felt drained. I had been going to my GP ref this problem over several years. I should have had a follow up appointment with her today (but got my dates wrong and had it on my calendar for tomorrow) I rang up and apologised for missing my appointment because I wanted to personally thank her for listening to me and assisting with the diagnosis of underactive thyroid. I have got a new follow up appointment for August now. This doctor is totally amazing if you get an appointment to see her you will get sorted out. would like to express my thanks to her.

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