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Written by a patient at Friarsgate Practice
17th June 2019

I understand Dr Hodgson is taking at least a sabbatical to bring up her young family, but I truly hope she eventually returns to general practice as she is by far the best GP I have ever had - and I have had some very good GPs. Her style is rather unorthodox, as she literally spends as much time as she feels is required in order to give her patients the help they require. This can mean a delay of an hour or more if your booking is later in the day, which some may find off-putting, but which I always found very acceptable as it was simply the result of the care and attention she gives each patient. She also took no notice of the silly rule that says a GP is only supposed to deal with one issue during an appointment. If there were several issues that concerned me she addressed them all. One time she even, having sympathetically dealt with the problem that had caused me to book the appointment, then said she was going to "hijack" the appointment with a concern she had which she wanted to address. As a result I ended up with a specialist referral which turned out to be very useful and which I probably wouldn't have got if I had been with virtually any other GP. I thoroughly recommend Dr Hodgson without any reservations at all.

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