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Written by a patient
1st December 2020

My first visit to a hospital in a new area following a return to the UK i was nervous as hell. What if it was all in my head ? What if i had the onset of dementia (its in my family) a neurologist i was seeing a neurologist...... my mind went into over drive with fear. I cant be ill I am single and have no one - i am going to be told it’s panic attacks and stress caused by your job so pick yourself up and get on with it. How wrong was I - very to be honest. A lady appeared in the waiting calling out my name, I froze. My name was repeated and I looked up, Dr Khan greeted me there and then with a simple “hello Lee common through” and smiled. All of a sudden my fears melted I mean I actually felt them leave my body it was the way Dr Khan spoke so reassuring and relaxed, her manor was i can help and i will. Dr Khan explained how she preferred to work, was extremely open and so honest from the worse case scenario to the best out come. Obviously there was going to be the dreaded Q&A session but on this occasion it was and always has been more of a humble enquiry - no answers were forced or nor was I directed to one it was amazing. My symptoms sounded horrendous to me when Dr Khan read them back > Blinding headache > Giddiness that was unreal i really couldn’t stand > Eyes that rolled round my head (just like you see in the cartoons) > In the worse case were i collapsed I stayed Dr Khan smiled and said truly believe you chronic migraines that take over your body but to be safe I am sending you for a scan. I was amazed this Dr was listening to me, reassured me with the questioning technique, put me at ease with her direct and openness - no cloak and daggers and genuinely cared about me. More than all that Dr Khan took time to listen to ensure she understood all my fears. Dr Khans skill and tenacity has provided the right medication to control the headaches, explained clearly the signs and what to do. There is underlying skill to treating patients and thats the human touch and humble enquiry this Dr has it all. Do not fear a visit to see Dr Khan embrace it; I would (but I hope not to) walk back into her clinic for help any day as I know I will not be a number but a person who needs and can benefit from her skills and many years of training.

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