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Written by a carer
9th October 2019

Our young son had suffered from eczema since he was less than year old but it had become quite severe for the two years previous to seeing Dr Khan. At this point the eczema had spread to cover his entire body (including his face) and was extremely red, dry and inflamed in places. Despite seeing other Doctors in this time, the diagnosis of a skin infection was only identified by Dr Khan. He immediately prescribed an intensive course of antibiotics amongst other treatments and was concerned enough to phone us up a week into the treatment to see how it was going. We saw Dr Khan twice more in the subsequent months and he was as ever very professional and knowledgeable. Dr Khan has literally changed our son's life. Before, he was continuously itching which was disturbing his sleep, he was very self-conscious and the skin condition was becoming a large part of his life. Now the skin infection has cleared up he has normal skin and has had for a number of months. We are in a totally different place now, everyone is much happier. To say we are grateful and impressed with Dr Khan is an understatement. His vast experience was evident from the outset and we are very pleased that we took our son to see him. We wholeheartedly recommend Dr Khan and are very grateful to him.

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