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30th January 2018
Written by a patient at Royal Bolton Hospital

I have a condition which is not widely diagnosed called Reactive Hypoglycaemia. I had over a decade of symptoms, misdiagnosed as T2, my first referral, was not good, my GPs were struggling to help me. Having hypos and gaining weight despite dieting. I was finally referred to Dr Banerjee. He, having witnessed a hypo at my appointment, started tests, having an idea that hypoglycaemia was the cause of my symptoms. After quite a few tests, eOGTTs, 72 hour fasting test, Dr Banerjee diagnosed me. He used myself and another female patient who also had the same condition to further tests and using a dpp4 inhibitor(sitagliptin), which proved that increasing the initial insulin response, it helped reduce the imbalance of glucose, this helps with dietary control. Which is usually a low carbohydrate diet. This thinking was inspiring because hyperinsulinaemia and high circulating insulin was the cause of my problems and symptoms. However, notwithstanding, it does not stop the hypos, if too much carbohydrate or as in a glucose tolerance test verified. Because of the lack of real information, and the tendency to not recommend a low carbohydrate intake, I had to discuss and get his confirmation of the ramifications of both my intolerance to certain foods and how it would effect my life. Dr Banerjee, listened carefully and considered our discussions and offered advice and an assurance of confidence in all that we were doing. My last hypo was four years ago during my last oral glucose tolerance test. I am continually in or around normal blood glucose levels. The inspiration to use a diabetic drug has helped me with my lifestyle. I am convinced that if not for Dr Banerjee, I believe I would be certainly very ill if not worse. I will be eternally grateful for his knowledge and his time.

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