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15th July 2017
Written by a patient at Tower Hamlets Ooh Service

I called GP out of hours and this doctor called back after 1 hour. I explained my symptoms. He says it could be either -bacterial or viral or allergic conjunctivitis. I tell him I have tried gluten after a month of leaving it, so could it be that? He said no. I ask are we sure? He says yes because "I am the doctor". He tells me to go to a walk in next day. I ask can I come into GP out of hours now? He says no it is not an 'emergency'. I tell him that GP out of hours is not for emergency, for that we have A&E. So he agrees that I can come in. I ask him what time. He says we don;t have an appointment system. When you come in we will "try" that we see you within an hour but it is very busy today. Clearly a lie - i have been there before with appointment every time. This guy thinks anyone who is not a doctor is an idiot and can be told anything he wants. He is clearly misusing the system and trying to make money easy way by doing 5 min phone calls and telling people they don't need to come in. Avoid this doctor!

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