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Written by a patient
1st September 2015

This man displayed breathtaking arrogance by totally ignoring the advice of a local (female) consultant who explained to me and to him that I had been misdiagnosed. It took me 13 months to get the incorrect diagnosis removed from my records. I was given an incorrect diagnosis by a specialist down south after a very brief conversation some years back. I had a much more thorough examination by a consultant in Sheffield who told me that this diagnosis was wrong, and explained very clearly why this was so. She then wrote to the surgery to explain this. This GP, however, ignored the consultant's view and for 13 months refused to alter it - he did this at first without consulting me. When I noticed what had happened I referred him to the consultant's letter and asked him to change my records accordingly but he refused to do so, despite me making many attempts, speaking to another doctor in the practice and eventually invoking the complaints procedure. Eventually he agreed to remove the diagnosis on a technicality (the category of the condition had been changed) but he never accepted that I had been incorrectly diagnosed. He never explained why he had overruled the consultant, but when, during mediation I expressed my own amazement that he was overruling the consultant he said 'she is a consultant to ME...'. Like I said, breathtaking arrogance. When challenged on why he was refusing to alter it he kept saying how the diagnosis had been made by a properly qualified specialist. It was, however only a tentative suggestion by this man after one brief conversation with me, but somehow it got written up as a diagnosis and appeared on the screen whenever and whichever doctor I saw. The second consultant was, as far as I can tell, every bit as qualified, and she treated me much more thoroughly and explained the exact criteria for the diagnosis in question and why I didn't meet it. The only difference between the 2 consultants as far as I can tell is that one was male and the other was female. The worst thing was that this doctor spent so much time telling me how ethical he was, and how committed he was to openness and patient empowerment. This was at the time he was refusing to explain, engage or consult with me, and overruling the objections of me and the consultant. After 13 months I managed to get the diagnosis removed from my records but I never got any apology for this doctor's refusal to listen to me or the consultant nor for his refusal to explain his reasons for overruling us.

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