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Written by a NHS patient
21st April 2021

Dr Ruddell is not good at communication. He will not explain your illness nor the medication he is prescribing unless you ask. Even then he is incredibly cagey and dismissive. I've had the opportunity to see him a number of times and I am completely unsatisfied. I've been prescribed medication more than once by Dr Ruddell that instead of helping the problem has actually exacerbated it. On one occasion when I made this clear to him he told me to keep using the medication. I stopped soon after and the problem was alleviated. Unfortunately that medication has left me with another on going condition which although I've went back to him he just dismissed me. I have not complained to the practice as 1. I don't believe that a mere patient will get anywhere complaining about the head of the practice and 2. I still need to use the practice and I don't want to be unfairly treated for making a complaint. I can't be the only one who has been treated like this and I'd be interested to hear from others in the same position.

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