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Written by a patient
1st April 2019

I have just undergone a laparoscopic cholecystectomy, performed by Mr Pellen at the Spire Hospital in Hull. During my initial consultation, Mr Pellen explained the procedure and potential risks in great detail, whilst at the same time reassuring me. The consultation was not rushed and Mr Pellen listened carefully to my questions and concerns. From the outset, he completely put me at ease. He also took the time to ask me about my work, my family and other interests and I really felt that he wanted to get to know me as a patient, rather than just another name on his list. On the day of the surgery, Mr Pellen visited me prior to the operation and once again went through the details of what was about to happen. He made me feel completely at ease and confident about the procedure, despite my natural anxieties about having surgery under general anaesthetic. After the surgery, Mr Pellen came to visit me to explain how the surgery had gone and to explain the next steps in terms of making a good recovery. My wife and son were visiting at the time and he took the time to talk to my 6 year old son, asking him about his favourite films to watch in the car on a long journey! Overall, Mr Pellen is a true professional who clearly makes personal care for the patient a priority. I would highly recommend him to anyone requiring this, or similar, surgery. He's a first rate consultant!

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