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Written by a NHS patient
27th April 2022

Mr Pellen was professional and approachable and kept me informed of what to expect from my incisional hernia procedure. My procedure was initially going to be keyhole surgery but Mr Pellen explained that it may be open surgery if it was not possible to do it by keyhole surgery. It turned out that I had several hernias and it had to be open surgery with a hospital stay. Following the operation Mr Pellen came to see me and explained clearly what he had had to do to fix the hernias and how he had reinforced with gauze to secure things. Again I was told what to expect regarding recovery and how to keep myself on a good path to recovery. My care throughout the hospital stay was excellent both from Mr Pellen, his team in the theatre and the rest of the staff on the ward. I had my 6 week check on the 22nd April and Mr Pellen was happy with how things have healed. Again he was professional, friendly and approachable and he answered all my questions regarding my future recovery. I was very worried about having this operation due to having contracted MRSA in a different hospital following a hysterectomy and was seriously ill. However, I am so relieved to have had it done and feel so much better now thanks to the excellent care of Mr Pellen and his team. Thank you again!!!

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