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Written by a patient
13th May 2017

Mr M Pellen put me at ease on my first meeting with him. And listened to me and my problem, it has been on going for years, on listening to his advice and caution , I had an operation in 5 months of first seeing him, the out come could not have been good, but with my family's support I went ahead, I was booked in for 6 days, I have to say every thing went well and was out the next day much to the relief of my family, and I recovered well at home with there care and many friends, every one was amazing, The care I received on each of my visits was wonderful and now I have been given a new lease of life and at 77 years of age that is some thing I did not expect, I feel absolutely amazing, compered to my last few years, and to think I could have been better many years ago. I heard some ladies on the ward complaining of the staff and the care they were getting, they should have been ashamed of them selves. I had first class care from Mr M Pellen and all his team. I have to say it was me that instigated seeing Mr M Pellen not my Doctor I was told the letter what came Hospital said was nothing untoward . my health deserved more than that. I want to a big thank you to all the staff and team Thank you Yours Very Sincerely Mrs Maureen Shore

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