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Written by a patient
6th February 2019

I was referred for a key hole gall bladder removal at the Spire Hospital Hull. Being very anxious about the procedure and having a GA I had a lot of questions which Mr Pellen answered very openly and I felt I could trust him. Some of the questions that I asked were very direct about success rates and surgical complications which Mr Pellen answered in a very open and direct way. This gave me the confidence to opt for Mr Pellen and the Spire Hull for my procedure. I felt that from the very start I had absolutely first class care not only from Mr Pellen but from all the team at the Spire. I was given a Pre Med to help with the anxiety by the anesthetist and had one to one nursing following recovery. Mr Pellen was kind enough to get me my first choice of anesthetist and this also helped with the anxiety of having a GA for serious surgery. Should I have to go through anything like this again I would have no hesitation in choosing Mr Pellen as my Consultant Surgeon.

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