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Written by a patient
31st January 2020

In November 2018, I had a racing heart,190 beats per minute to be precise. The paramedics, came to my place of work, tried in every way possible, to get my heart to beat normally. When they realised they could not, I was rushed to Watford General Hospital . The treatment I received, from all members of Dr. Koa-Wing's team was absolutely outstanding, (paramedics, nurses and doctors all included.) Dr Koa- Wing was concerned that, due to the heart not pumping blood effectively, I would often feel as if I was going to pass out, and he did not want me to injure myself.The waiting list,for the particular procedure I needed was six months, but with Dr Koa-Wing's incredible compassion, he successfully completed the procedure, three months earlier, having prescribed medication, that kept my heart beating normally,prior to undergoing the procedure. I can honestly say , that my quality of life ,has increased a hundred fold ,due to Dr Koa-Wing and his team. Not only is Dr Koa-Wing, a knowledgable , and highly skilled doctor, but his sincerity and humility,really came to the fore, in all his dealings with me.

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