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Dr Michael Greenstone. I would like to thank you for all the care that you have given me when you started, taking over the previous consultant. I have been very happy the way you have treat me throughout the years.. You should be so proud of yourself. Nothing was too much for you although I can say you have mellowed along the way.lol.. By the way I am still shaking, Just writing this note to thank you lots just in case I don’t get through this deadly diseases have not got it yet but I know when I do that will be it ,so thank you. Hope to see you soon.

18th May 2020
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Written by a patient at Hull Royal Infirmary
22nd June 2019

Dr Greenstone has been my consultant for a number of years now, during that time I cannot think of one visit where he has not had time to listen to me and then investigate anything that I have had concerns about. He is a deeply dedicated specialist who like many of his colleagues does not receive enough thanks or praise for the work he does. I am certain that during his career he will have diagnosed and made life easier for many of his patients. I for one am tremendously grateful for the help, advice and care I have been shown over the years, he has my gratitude and sincere appreciation for everything he has done for me.

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