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30th November 2017
Written by a carer at Hospital of St John and St Elizabeth

SHORT VERSION: 1. First phone call Dr Coren asks for payment on an invoice that he had not informed us was outstanding 2. Dr Coren orders a series of tests. 3. Instead of a follow up consultation visit Dr Coren opt to leave a voicemail telling us the test didn't return anything unusual. 4. I phone Dr Coren numerous times to try to speak to him about the test results and to ask for guidance as to what to do with our son's ongoing pain. 5. Dr Coren repeatedly ignores my messages What a fail. LONG VERSION: Dr. Coren was beyond a disappointment. We saw him on the recommendation of our ENT surgeon after my son's ear ache was determined not to be an ear infection. The first phone conversation to discuss my son consisted of Dr. Coren asking for an outstanding bill to be paid from a visit 3 years prior. I was unaware of any outstanding invoice and I replied that had I known there was an outstanding invoice I would have taken care of it immediately. Now that the invoice had been sitting around for such a lengthy period of time it was unlikely I could submit it to my insurance and would have to pay for it out of pocket. Dr. Coren suggested we do some blood tests and have a MRI as diagnostic tools. This seemed reasonable and we proceeded with the tests. After the tests expected a follow up consultation visit to review the results, instead I received a voicemail telling me that "nothing looked abnormal" and we should "check-in"with him next week. I phoned the next week and left a voice mail informing him that my son was still complaining of pain and asking that he return my call so we could further discuss a plan of action to address my son's complaints. I received another voicemail suggesting that I have a hearing test. Dr Coren would have known my son had just had a hearing test 2 weeks prior had Dr. Coren taken the time to ask or check with the referring ENT. I then call Dr Coren an addition 3x's asking for him to return my phone calls to discuss what the next course of action should be. NONE of which were returned.

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