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Written by a patient
28th July 2020

Dr Mehjabeen Beebeejaun is a very responsive and caring doctor and has become the treating doctor for my family and parents. My family and I have consulted her on a few occasions regarding lifestyle changes, high blood pressure, 24 hour ECG, Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), routine check-ups, blood tests and so on. We have followed the advice, as recommended, by the doctor and the results are great. Her acumen is extremely helpful and beneficial for the entire family. We have discovered easy ways to adopt a healthy lifestyle in a very short lapse of time. We have lost weight constantly and without much effort during the past couple of months (even during the lockdown period). The experience has been very enriching. Dr Beebeejaun is highly competent, conscientious, dynamic and professional in her approach. She communicates very clearly and effectively to her patients explaining them in detail about their health issues and the most sensible way to remedy their situation. She provides first class British standards of care to all her patients in Mauritius. The doctor’s approach is very detailed, positive and supportive and she is always very prompt in responding to e-mails - even during evenings and weekends. I am Professional who had studied and worked in London (UK) for several years. I was receiving the same standard of care in the UK as with Dr Beebeejaun in Mauritius. I would recommend Dr Beebeejaun without any hesitation to any person suffering from the following underlying health conditions. Anaemia; Pre-diabetes or Diabetes; Vitamins deficiencies; Thyroid problems; Asthma; Adrenal and Pituitary disorders; Pneumonia; Cellulitis; High uric acid in blood (gout); Urinary tract infection (UTI) and so on. The Medical Secretary - is very kind and flexible and always make room to book appointments for patients to suit their availability. Thank you very much for everything Dr Beebeejaun !

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