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Written by a patient
17th April 2020

I am 40 years old and started to experience the signs and symptoms of premature menopause at the age of 38. I experienced different problematic symptoms such as night sweats, reduced libido and daily tiredness. I also started to have vaginal dryness which led to uncomfortable sexual intercourse. My General Practitioner in the UK never explained to me in details the changes that were taking place in my body during this transition and never properly advised me on how to improve my sexual life. It was a very hard experience at the start, especially while still being 38 years old my body was performing like a 50-year-old. Dealing with the emotional fallout of early menopause proved very difficult for two years, however after consulting Dr Beebeejaun’s in Mauiritius at 40, I now see menopause as a positive beginning of a new phase of life opportunities to take preventive action against major health risks. She is very kind with excellent listening skills. She is highly competent and employs a holistic approach to the care that she provides. She explained the changes that my body was going through in details and resolved all the issues that I had been going through over two years. With her treatment, my life has taken a positive turn. The dryness that I used to experience has now disappeared and I now have a healthier sexual life with an increased libido. The prescribed medications have not only improved my personal life and making feel better as a woman but have also impacted positively on my professional life as I feel a lot more energetic and confident at work. I am now well into my menopause and I know that it is not reversible. However, I feel happier and a lot more comfortable within, knowing that Dr Beebeejaun has provided me with the right treatments to solve the problems that I was experiencing before. I would highly recommend Dr Beebeejaun if you are going through menopause at the moment be it at the right chronological age or prematurely.

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