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Written by a patient
20th January 2020

Dr Matt Ginks is brilliant. I've recently had a consultation with him as I have been experiencing random heart palpitations which I needed checking for my own peace of mind. Matt was great. Really friendly and personable. Matt sat me down and we started to go through what's been happening, again really polite and understanding. Matt then went over the initial ECG results which I had done and said that it looks completely normal but suggested we do an echocardiogram to make sure there isn't anything structurally wrong which I agreed to. After this he reviewed the results and he suggested that the heart palpitations are highly likely to be caused by ectopic beats which are benign. Matt then suggested possible treatment options including beta-blockers (although he said for me to avoid this if I can managed them) and suggested to get a 24 hour tape done just so we can log the palpitations on my record. Overall I cannot recommend Dr Ginks enough. He is very knowledgable, approachable, friendly and polite. He is very thorough with his tests and analysis. If you would like to see a Cardiologist then please consider Dr Matt Ginks.

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