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Written by a patient
4th February 2020

Over the past six years I consider myself so fortunate to have benefitted from Matthew Ginks’ outstanding level of care and expertise. His expert knowledge is demonstrated in very high success rate with patients and his continued research pushes back boundaries and increases realisation of permanent improvement In consultation, his undoubted wealth of knowledge shines through. His very clear explanations and illustrations help the layman to understand exactly what is going on and the best course of action. The care that he shows for the welfare of his patients is eminently obvious in the way in which he listens, takes note and responds sensitively. He always understands exactly how the patient feels and takes this into account. I have always found him to be very responsive and supportive. When a very nasty fractured elbow, was further complicated by going back into AF, even though I was hospitalised a long way from home, he quickly responded to my plea for help. He reassured me when I was in the depths of despair and helped me come to terms with a very difficult situation. On another occasion, I had been called in for an ablation. An emergency in A & E meant that no anaesthetist was available. Undaunted, Dr Ginks suggested a cryoballoon pulmonary vein isolation under sedation. He sat on my bed and carefully, with the aid of his phone clearly showed what this entailed and allayed any fears. As a result, a successful ablation was conducted and I remained in rhythm for about a year afterwards. I have great faith in Dr Ginks. He goes to great pains to elucidate in a highly sensitive way and helps to eliminate any doubts. All of this reinforces my firm belief that he truly is a top rate practitioner.

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