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Written by a patient
20th March 2017

I was diagnosed with persistent atrial fibrillation in October 2016. Initially I was treated with drugs and a cardioversion but I was warned right at the start that I may need a catheter ablation. The cardioversion was unsuccessful so I was referred to Dr Matthew Ginks. He took time to explain the risks and potential benefits of catheter ablation and the procedure was carried out in December. The objective was to allow me to get back to a normal life without medication and without an irregular heartbeat. I am now over three months past my procedure. I am feeling much better although I was warned that about half of all patients need a second ablation. I can no longer feel an irregular heartbeat which is just magical and I am now waiting to see if symptoms reappear in the coming weeks and months. Throughout all my treatment Dr Ginks has been extremely professional and has always responded really quickly to any questions I have had. He has always been kind and reassuring and takes care to make sure I understand what is going on. I wouldn't change any aspect of my treatment and although I am aware that I may need a second ablation I am confident about my long term prospects with Dr Ginks in charge.

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