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Written by a private patient
18th May 2022

I had my company medical in March 2022, i was referred to Dr Mathew Ginks for a potential cardiac issue. I managed to get a cancellation and saw him within a few days. He performed an Echocardiogram that day and actually found a potential different issue, as he was so thorough in his examination. He explained the new issue in detail and the possible scenarios both good and bad. He was very clear on the action we needed to take and whilst on holiday wrote me a letter referring me for a CT scan. This CT scan was booked quickly with the help of his team and an appropriate follow up was then scheduled, it was incredibly efficient. Dr Ginks explains things so clearly without any medical jargon, he answered all my questions in a very clear way and no question was too much trouble. He was very caring in what was potentially a very worrying time. We now have a plan to see him in a year. I thoroughly recommend Dr Ginks and found him so great to deal with in every respect.

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